Klapi-Tuiko safety instructions

1. Beware of rotating blades. Do not put your hand inside the feeding hole and not in the chamber.

2. Do not service or perform adjustments of the firewood processor when the tractor is running.

3. Keep the guards in place. Check the PTO shaft guards.

4. Do not allow children or unauthorized persons near the machine. Stationary machine rotating blades can cause serious damage.

5. The tightness of the bolts should always be check before the machine is initiated.

6. Always stand on the left side of the log, when processing the wood.

7. At time of cutting the wood must be pressed against the counter-knife.

8. Be careful with the last cut of the log. Do not reach to far into the machine.

9. Work only on hard, flat surface. Keep your working place tidy.

10. Check the PTO shaft connection and angle.

11. Do not pick up the appliance and do not disclose it to a third party before the operating and safety instructions are clear.
If you are uncertain about the installation or use of the machine, please contact the manufacturer.

12. When transporting the machine, the conveyor should be lifted up in transport position and be locked with lockingbar.

13. Caution with transporting on bumpy and narrow roads.


Klapi-Tuiko is a tractor-powered machine intended for making firewood. The machine cuts and splits the logs at the same time. The max. diameter of log 20,5 cm. Hard woods such as beech, oak and rowan digestion logs must be fresh. Firewlood length can be adjusted 25, 33, 40, 50 and 60 cm. For a better working cycle there is advised to use a log tong. This makes the towing of the logs much easier.

Please read the instructions first

Read the operating and safety instructions before using the machine. Connect the conveyor to the machine in accordance with specific written instructions. Install the inlet protector in place with the four supplied bolts as well as side and rear protection. Check that all machine bolts and nuts are tight. Go thorugh machine greasing instructions.

Connecting the machine

The machine is connected to tha tractor 3-point linkage and is powered though the PTO shaft. The machine must stand on it´s support feet horizontally when starting to operate the machine. PTO suggested type: Bondioli 654 056 F 007 098

Machine has it´s own safety breakingbolts. Do not use any shafts with a clutch. Following PTO shafts can be used: Bondioli 654 056 F 007 007 and Bondioli 104 071 F 007 007 or similar. Please check the PTO shaft length, that it is not too short. Caution when lifting the machine with connected PTO shaft!

Working with the machine

Before starting to work with the machine, check that all guards are in place. Bolts and nuts are tightened. In addition the operator must ensure, that he is familiar with the operating instructions and safety regulations. Don´t let children near the machine!

Check that the cutting and counter interval is not more than 3-4 mm. Excessive clearance will cause shock fed into the timber. Make the adjustment if necessary, in accordance with the instructions.

Feed the log into the machine on the feeding bed / roll. Always stand on the left side of the log and shove the log in at the very end of it. This way you will have more control over the log. If the log would get stuck for some reason, then is amost always goes to the right diagonal.

After the log is inside the machine, let it fall down onto the cutting blades and wait for the cut. Try to find the suitable working rythm. Do not let go of the log, when processing it!
If you want to split the firewood into four blocks, turn the log between the cuts in quarter turns. A suitable cut-off rate is about 30 beats per minute. Speed can be adjusted by changing the speed of the tractors PTO.

The main axis where the PTO shaft is connected has a back flange. This is a safety clutch. There are 2-4 pieces of M 8 x 45, 8.8 bolts. If an overload situation has occured, then breaking bolts wll break. Find the reason for it why it has happened. After clearing the issue, replace the broken bolts with new ones.

Service instructions

1. Roller chain is always lubricated when work is initiated and tightened if necessary. The tightening is done by moving the clamping pieces. A lubricant is used vaseline and chain oil.

2. The machine lubrication points:

* the spline shaft bearings, 2 pack, should be lubricated every time the machine is brought to use.
* tractor wheel hub must be lubricated every week
* driveshaft hub must be lubricated every week
* conveyor diverting pulley bearings, 2 pack, should be lubricated twice per year

3. Bolts and nuts tightening must be checked and after the introduction of the first three hours of operation.

4. Because of safety and cutting performance cutting and bed knife clearance should be less than 4 mm.

NOTE: Clearance adjustment and the release of the blades is written user manual.