Technical specs.

Log max. Ø 205 mm
Capacity 6-10 m3/h
Cutting length 250/320/400/500/600 mm
Cutting : guillotine
Tractor min. power 25 kW / 33 hp
Conveyor length 3000 mm
Conveyor width 450 mm
Weigth 530 kg
Noise level 68 dB
Dim. W x L x H 1080x2600x1500 mm*
Shipping measurements : 1,33 LDM

Model KT200-3

Klapi-Tuiko has already become a concept in making firewood. The reliable and durable machine cuts and splits the wood efficiently and quickly. The machine is easy to use. Wood is fed evenly off the opening and the machine does the rest. The standard machine is equipment with a 3 m conveyor and the logs can be directed into a trailer or shed.

The machine is attached to the tractor's three-point linkage and propulsion is taken through the PTO shaft from the tractor. Klapi Tuiko power consumption is approx. 25 kW. Firewood length can be adjusted to 25 and 60 cm. Machine can process log up to 205 mm of diameter. Durable construction and low maintenance make the Klapi-Tuiko firewood processor a machine what lasts in common use from years and years. Some of the oldest machines what were made in 1980s are still in tact today.

Technical attributes

Machine cutting solution is an ancient and tested structure. There are over 10 000 machines been made and growing. The mechanical structure of the machine is very simple. Pull off the shaft is controlled by a strong chain wheel, which rotates the output conveyor. This pulley switches back strong chain splitting and the cutter blade, which revolves around the shaft.

Klapi-Tuiko does not require continuous adjustments. The machine is on average much faster than other firewood processors with saw. Also it makes no difference if the log have any dirt or mud on them. Everything what goes through the feeding hole, will be chopped. Wooden waste with concrete on them can easily be processed with the machine.